About 2023

Beyond the visible

Technology has long since become our constant companion in both our personal and professional lives. Yet, despite the omnipresence of smart devices, hyper-intuitive software, and song-writing AI, we’re still disconnected from the true impact of our technology. We see the glitz, are blinded by the flash, and keep fumbling forward to the next big innovation. But behind the technological facade lies the inspiring ideas and visionary minds working tirelessly to reshape our world and our relationship with our technology.

At the Ada Lovelace Festival 2023, we’ll dare to go beyond the visible to explore how we’re collectively reimagining tomorrow’s tech. What will the world of tomorrow hold for us? What skills will we need to shape this future? How can all voices join the discourse and mold the future of tech? Join us at the Ada Lovelace Festival 2023 to tackle these central questions and go beyond the visible.