Darya Yegorina


Darya Yegorina

Darya is a serial entrepreneur, CEO of CleverBooks and other ventures in multiple industries. Darya’s current focus is on emerging technologies for education where she has the mission to deliver the most innovative Augmented Reality technology to schools around the world and to create equal access to technology for kids globally.

Why I Tech

Over 15 years I used to work in IT and multinational companies and was never treated equally because of perception of a woman in technology. My mission is to show that everything is possible and that women in technology can achieve significant results and especially in EdTech.

#ada18’s motto is ideas to change the world – my tech idea is

It is EdTech! It is sad that business world is at the stage of digital transformation and education world is still in the analog age. At school myself I had no access to technology and I have the mission to bring innovative technology to schools and make them affordable. I currently combine traditional books with Augmented Reality and create sustainable workbooks through digital technology. EdTech will help to shape the future of the world because it deals with personalized learning approach and innovation. Innovation is the key to the uncertainty of the future profession choice.