Tina Egolf


Tina Egolf is on a quest to change the future of work by combining (provocative) theories with her passion for technology. As Product Manager in tech companies like Clue, a leading female health app, and former Podio, an online tool for new forms of collaboration and process management, she develops digital solutions and leads agile teams. Further, she is the ambassador of the “Hamburg Geekettes”, a growing network for women in technology. Her professional background spans from contemporary art, venture capital to social entrepreneurship and founding her own company, which makes her a traveler and translator between the worlds.

Why I Tech

The internet and technology in general is the strongest influential factor for almost every society and individual in the 21st century. No matter if you love or hate tech, it won’t go away anymore. But I refuse to focus on the thread and risks that might come with it and rather explore all the opportunities that it offers. This industry has the power to change the world. Working in tech means for me exercising influence and taking responsibility to make sure this change is for the better.

My personal tech/IT-trend 2017

Health care is still a highly bureaucratic, inefficient and expensive system in most countries. It usually takes a while until people are willing to accept technology in new areas of their lives but I’m confident that by now the pressure is high enough that we will see more and more health startups accessing mass markets.