Svenja Teichmann


Svenja Teichmann is the founder and CEO of crowdmedia GmbH, a digital consultant agency for content and online marketing. At crowdmedia, they advise companies in the B2C and B2b area, with a focus on digital strategy, online marketing, as well as social media and content marketing. In addition, Svenja Teichmann is a trainer, presenter, and moderator for executives in the field of Digital Transformation and Digital Leadership.

Why I Tech

The tech business is in constant change. Society and business are being changed massively by digitalization changes To me, this is all very exciting.

My personal tech/IT-trend 2017

I don’t think that we should always be looking for trends or the next big thing. That doesn’t get us anywhere. I keep on telling my clients: “Do your digitalization homework instead of chasing after every trend.”