Stacia Carr


Stacia Carr is an American technology executive and startup co-founder. Throughout her career she’s led engineering teams developing consumer internet products and services with an emphasis on digital media distribution including SoundCloud, Sony,, CMJ and In 2013 she successfully negotiated the acquisition of the boutique consulting company she was running to Indiegogo. In 2014, she relocated from the US to Madrid, Spain, as the technical cofounder of Vidnex, a real-time video platform for the health and fitness industry. At Zalando she is Head of Engineering, focused on all things related to Sizing and Fit.

Why I Tech

The transformational power of technology is intoxicating, fascinating, intimidating and arguably one of the most an important tools in human evolution. If we are wise and thoughtful we will use technology to solve our most difficult challenges.

My personal tech/IT-trend 2017

Understanding all aspects of data science, algorithmic development and what we are referring to as artificial intelligence. How will AI change the way we build software and the skills required to do so?