Bianca Michael

Bianca Michael

During her studies in business information systems in corporation with Bundesdruckerei GmbH, which Bianca Michael finished in 2009, was the focus of her work in product management of high secure printing and authentication solutions in an international environment. Since her interest lies in technical aspects of security solutions, she changed within the Bundesdruckerei to IT Security department. Meanwhile she studied security management (M. Sc.) at the University of Applied Science in Brandenburg.

Since 2014 she is working for DB Systel GmbH, the IT subsidiary of the Deutsche Bahn AG. Starting as adviser for IT security in the datacenter with the main emphasis on network security she works now as IT Security Expert and consults within the DB cooperation concerning technical issues of IT security. She is trying to establish an integrated confidence level throughout the company. Overall her focus lies in infrastructure and cloud security and, thus, she is actively involved in the digitization strategy of the Deutsche Bahn AG including the migration towards Cloud IT.

Why I Tech

Due to the constant development it is never boring. Technologies are evolving and innovation cycles are becoming shorter and shorter. If you want to take advantage of this, you have to reinvent yourself permanently. Especially in security, a standstill revenges very quickly.

My personal tech/IT-trend 2017

Security in IT and OT