Mariam Hakobyan

marschalekMariam Hakobyan is a technology enthusiast and a friend to many great women! She is leading the Engineering team at Zanox from 2015. Zanox is the leading performance advertising network in Germany and Europe with over 700 employees across the globe.
Mariam is a promoter of lean mindset and high performance by giving engineers freedom and accountability.

Mariam is an experienced technical lead with particular expertise in building distributed, highly scalable, event driven and asynchronous applications. Before joining Zanox Mariam had a varied career in various business fields. She regularly gives talks in local meet ups and technology conferences.

THURSDAY, October 13, 2016 | Stage 2 – Computing | 14:30 – 15:00

7 signs you need to change the culture and the mindset in your Engineering

A company’s engineering culture is the most important factor in being successful. Learn about signs you need to change the engineering culture and where to start.

To talk about #WomenInTech is important, because it raises the awareness of existing problems women face in tech, empowers female technology enthusiasts to look for great leaders and achieve big successes in their career.

– Mariam Hakobyan