Jutta Frieden

jutta-friedenShort: London, FinTech, Sports, Maths, Startups.

Long: I came to London in 2011 for my Master in Mathematics at Imperial College, and stayed here since due to the many exciting opportunities in the startup world. I initially joined an EdTech startup and was responsible for our online tutoring product. Early 2015 I made the change to FinTech: at GoCardless, I am taking our product to one oft he biggest markets for us: Germany.

FRIDAY, October 14, 2016 | Stage 3 – Tech | 14:00 – 14:30

Product, meet your friend Sales

Traditionally, we turned to our bank for our current and savings account, for our loan, for investing into stocks, for our ISA. Today, we can name several FinTech startups who solely focus on one of these banking products respectively. What else makes FinTechs stand out vs banks, and how can banks and FinTechs learn and profit from each other in the long run?

To talk about #WomenInTech is important, because if we had reached a balanced level of women and men in tech positions yet, no one would ask this question anymore. The fact that they do shows that we still have some way to go.

– Jutta Frieden