Anne Baumgraß

baumgrass Anne aims to develop Synfioo to become the leading cloud platform for real-time information and predictions in the logistics sector. Her PhD in computer science serves well to this aim. Her logistics experience she got after her PhD in the EU-wide logistics project for 3 years. At Synfioo Anne is mainly responsible for product development and project management. Her entrepreneurial power lies in her interest in solving problems, being passionate about every solution and getting strength and motivation from it for herself and others.

FRIDAY, October 14, 2016 | Stage 2 – Computing | 15:40 – 16:00

Synfioo – You cannot prevent delays in the supply chains, but you can predict them!

Synfioo predicts and visualizes delay times in intermodal transports due to external disruptions such as strikes, tunnel closures and bad weather, using sources like social media, open and closed API, websites and telematics. Synfioo gives shippers, truckers and transport planners hours of advance warning, leading to significant savings in an industry where minor supply chain disruptions can cost millions.

To talk about #WomenInTech is important, because IT works independent from the gender.

– Anne Baumgraß