LeanInTogether – a better way for women to work together

Since founding LeanInTogether, Sheryl Sandberg has received prominent support in her efforts to promote collaboration and mutual support between women.

As the COO of Facebook, Sheryl is one of the world’s most successful #Womenintech. In her book Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead, she inspired women to overcome gender barriers to reaching the top in their career.
Sheryl is now calling for even more support between women at work. Her new campaign has been endorsed by a number of stars from the worlds of film, music and sport—including Selena Gomez, Megyn Kelly, Eva Longoria, Kerry Washington and Serena Williams—promoting more female solidarity under the #LeanInTogether hashtag.

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Here is how LeanInTogether works

Workplace Ally

Women can be influential allies for each other at work. Sheryl’s advice is to unite with female co-workers and push back against gender bias. Together women can go further faster.

Men often gravitate toward mentoring other men, so women can miss out. Women should commit to mentor at least one woman and give her the open, honest input she needs to succeed. For Sheryl, women can be mentors at any stage in their careers.

Positive Peer
Female peers can be powerful advocates and advisors. They can tap into the power of peer support by joining a Lean In Circle, a small group that meets regularly to learn and grow together. There are over 28,000 circles around the world, discussing new challenges and key issues such as equal pay or developing more self-confidence. Here is an overview of the Lean In Circles across the globe.

Role Model For Girls
Sheryl argues that together women can raise a generation of female leaders. Whether you are a mother, older sister, or mentor, model leadership and teach girls to speak up and step outside their comfort zone.