Alissia Iljaitsch


Alissia Iljaitsch is a Digital Innovation Strategist specializing in product development for frontier technologies, innovation center setup, and innovation team configuration.
She enables organizations to ask better and bigger questions about technology that go beyond design and development by including insights and experts from anthropology, cognitive science, behavioral psychology and applying methods that allow teams to tap into their unique creative potential to create and deliver on digital products and experiences that engage the user on a deeper level.
Alissia applies nearly ten years of experience working at automotive companies like Volkswagen and BMW and leading an award-winning innovation studio as the Executive Director EMEA at Vectorform in Munich. With this professional background, combined with a drive to transform learning, social and connecting experiences, Alissia offers an original perspective on the modern virtual- and augmented reality and artificial intelligence movement.
Her portfolio spans multiple showcases including Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Smart Home & Energy, Connected Car, Wearable Technology, Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Why I Tech

Technology enables and pushes people and enterprises to reinvent themselves and the processes around their products and services. It requires courage and imagination to see what could be and bring it to life for the first time. This process is exciting, messy and allows people to learn and grow in a collective. There is nothing better than building a product with a team where every individual contributes with a unique gift and creates something bigger than her- or himself.

My personal tech/IT-trend 2017

It is exciting to see Virtual- and Augmented Reality grow out of the hype into an industry and new forms of Human-Machine Interaction becoming state of the art in our cars and living rooms.