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EdTech — bringing school subjects to “life” (Darya Yegorina – CEO, CleverBooks)

Darya Yegorina, CEO of CleverBooks, knows first hand how much time it takes to catch up with technology when you have later access. So her mission is to help kids to develop digital skills early.  With her EdTech projects she uses tech like Augmented Reality to bring school subjects to “life”.

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Talking about EdTech with Darya Yegorina (CEO, CleverBooks)

Darya, how “techy” was your time in school?

Darya Yegorina: This is a very good question! Here is where my passion comes from. At school I saw computers only in a picture and I understand how much time it takes to catch up with technology when you have later access. The earlier kids have digital skills developed, the better for their future, taking into account how quick the technology develops.

Your current mission is in EdTech. What are your current projects with Clever Books in that field?

Darya Yegorina:  My current mission is in introducing the ease and importance of use of immersive technology like Augmented Reality. All our projects are currently focused on bringing school subjects to “life”.

While developing your ideas and apps, how do you test if you are on the right way with your young “target group”?

Darya Yegorina: Spot on! Our testers are kids and our apps “have” kid’s voice. The young audience is telling us what they want to see in combination with the advice from teachers on what they want to show/teach through our apps.

Your aim is to make EdTech for kids affordable. How does it work, as public schools are traditionally low on funds?

Darya Yegorina: This is why we have free mobile app and any options of product use. Our products are used by private and public schools as everyone can select the option that suits the budget.

While teachers might be experts in pedagogy and their specialized subjects, not everyone is tech-savvy. Do we have to educate the educators first?

Darya Yegorina:  Absolutely! And it comes not about educating. Learning about technology and trends is actually a part of life time learning. We also do a lot of background work for educators and create the information filed through podcasts, video interviews, blog and newsletter to help them in getting up to date with new technologies.