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WHY I LOVE WORKING IN IT by Sabine Scheunert

As a child, I was always fascinated by professions capable of bringing positive change to the lives of others. So, my initial wish was to become a medical doctor for that same reason. Whilst I eventually found myself in a completely different study – specializing in Mathematics in High School and then studying Economical Mathematics and Business Administration at University – a passion for bringing ease to people’s lives continued to thrive inside me.

The reason why I was initially drawn to the automotive sector, is because it is an industry that produces high tech products whilst giving people the power of independence. Nowadays, the industry successfully leverages the power of Information Technology to bring brilliant services and mobility solutions to its customers – essentially aiding people’s daily lives.

At Daimler, my natural inclination towards technology and its impact on the customer experience has directed me to my current position as Vice President of Digital and IT Sales and Marketing. I can hand on heart say I have found my calling: an amazing career in IT leading a fantastic team, and delivering relevant services day-to-day. What is it about working in IT that I love the most? There are three clear aspects I’d like to share:

1. Business is evolving digitally.

Today Business and IT are so intertwined, that for an organisation to be truly successful, one simply cannot exist without the other. As most organisations are adopting a digital business model – the role and strength of IT is more integral than ever before. IT doesn’t simply provide infrastructure and security for organisations – on the contrary, IT deals with some of the most fascinating and meaningful topics that significantly impact the entire organisation: from software and app development, working methods, organisational structures (less silos), to collaboration tools, to changing mindsets and developing new business models. Companies rely on data and metrics (derived from IT) to drive decision-making and optimization for success. In the automotive industry for instance, we now see traditional car manufacturers moving “closer to code” and leveraging the power of data, and thus transforming into truly digital companies. In my case, it was the ideal combination of business leadership, experience and the passion to deliver to customers’ needs that led me to my role in IT. Being part of revolutionizing our business through IT and software development is extremely exciting.

2. Having a finger on the pulse of technology.

Working in IT means that you are constantly immersed in the very cutting edge of technology. Having the privilege to work with some of the greatest minds – researchers, engineers, developers, futurists – continues to inspire me every day. And being exposed to the latest software (sometimes even before it’s publicly released), definitely gets my heart racing.

3. Contributing to diversity.

It’s a widely-known fact that women are heavily underrepresented in the IT industry. According to this PwC UK study, Women in Tech:

“5 % of of leadership positions in the technology sector are held by women”


“…the gender gap in technology starts at school and carries on through every stage of girls’ and women’s lives”.

It feels incredibly rewarding to know that even if I encouraged just one female to pursue a career in IT, I’ve made a difference. A larger representation of women in IT and tech is proven to have a significant impact on effective solutions and innovations. From problem identification, to designing and implementing solutions, diversity is crucial to success. Diversity brings new and alternative perspectives to the overall process, and a certain sensitivity and empathy for human-centric design. To be considered a role model for women in IT is something I am sincerely proud to be.

What has led you to a career in IT? Why do you love it? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Whether you’re looking to move into this field, or hoping to make a change, Daimler has some amazing opportunities within our IT team for you to explore:

Thank you,

Sabine Scheunert