2 for 1 tickets ada lovelace festival

“2 for 1”-tickets *limited time only*

Ada Lovelace Festival 2018 is offering “Bring your friends” tickets for a limited time. Until August 28 you can get two tickets for the price of one.

Ada Lovelace Festival – 2 for 1 tickets

We are happy to be able to release our special offer: “Bring your friend”. Until 28.08.2018 you will get two tickets to the Ada Lovelace Festival for the price of one.


You just need to write an email to sabine.fischer@euroforum.com with your names and contact details and Sabine will get in touch with you and  arrange everything for you.

Take a look at our colorful agenda including full descriptions and discover the interesting talks, panels and workshops we have put together. There is something for everyone at #ada18: ADA LOVELACE FESTIVAL 2018 AGENDA

Still need to convince your boss? Here are 5 really strong reasons why you should attend. Hope to see you there!